As an extension to the dialogue project and my learning of Malaysia, I wrote my own verses for the popular Malaysian song, Rasa Sayang. Through the lyrics I hope to convey my perception of Malaysian culture and


Rasa sayang, hey! Rasa sayang sayang hey,
Hey lihat nona jauh, rasa sayang sayang hey.


Here in Malaysia it's a friendly place,
If you need help just say ah,
You will soon see a happy face
And from it hear "no problem brah!"


Malaysia's culture is far from weak,
We are people of diversity,
Around thirty languages we speak,
With numerous ethnicities.

In Malaysia there's many religions,
Buddhist fathers and Christian mothers,
Muslims, Chinese and Indians,
As well as Hindi's and some others.


Malaysia slang is not unlike
Hawaiian "kine" and Jamaican "jah,"
In English like we say "like,"
And in Malay lah we say "lah."


In Malaysia we never say never,
Cheering our athletes whenever they play,
We will carry on in any weather
And scream "Malaysia Boleh!"

When the day approaches night,
And the sun begins to set,
The people here still feel alright,
It's definitely true, you want to bet?


Though it's great to be Malaysian,
Not everything is perfect, you see,
Rasa Sayang is claimed to be Indonesian,
And it's cause for controversy.

Malaysia's world stance is on the rise,
We keep our image looking bright,
Our government is pretty wise,
And our people are super tight.


When it's time to say goodbye,
And our hearts are heavy and low,
We still hold our hopes and heads high,
And look forward to tomorrow.

Do you see that girl over there?
It's as if she's from high above,
If my words were to reach her ear,
She would know that I feel love.

Final chorus

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