This is Brian. Brian is 17 years old and lives in Malaysia. Brian will be attending college next year. He can speak both English and Bahasa Malaysia (the national language), however, he prefers English, and it is his most used language, including at home. Brian says he has a Christian parent and a Buddhist parent, and that he is somewhere in between. For fun, he and his friends usually hang out in malls.
Brian really likes the project and says it's awesome. He wishes his school could do something similar where he could learn about different countries.
My name is Tyler, and I am currently 18 years old. I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I will be attending college soon and will probably be studying engineering. I don't surf. Instead, I like video games, music and reading.

  1. Basic Geography
  2. The Project Partners
  3. Petronas Twin Towers
  4. Mount Kinabalu
  5. Malaysia Boleh!
  6. Rasa Sayang
  7. Dialogue Project Paper
  8. Project Extension-Rasa Sayang
  9. I Believe... Paper
  10. Bibliography